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Upcoming Autograph Signings

Legends of the Field makes sure to offer its customers the best selection of autograph signings so they can get all their favorite athletes autographs. Some of these events are public and some are private, but we will continue to list as many as possible on our website and to take advantage of these opportunities to add new sports autographs to the collection we offer you.

Public and private autograph signings are a great way to obtain new memorabilia with celebrity athlete autographs, and are an important part of our business. Feel free to attend any of the public signings listed on our site. Additionally, we offer the highest-quality sports memorabilia for you to bring with you to have autographed, so visit one of our Wisconsin retail locations before the event and pick up a photo, helmet, or jersey today.

Our private signings aren’t open to the public, but we offer our customers 2 options to obtain an autograph.

1. Order an item from us plus an autograph ticket & we'll ship it to you after the signing. If you are near one of our retail stores, you can choose to pickup the autographed item after the signing.

2. If you already have an item you would like to get signed, order your autograph ticket online plus shipping.
You can then mail your item WITH YOUR INVOICE/INSTRUCTIONS to:

Legends of the Field/Master Z's
C/O *Athlete*
1005 Spring City Dr
Waukesha, WI 53186

We will mail your item back to you after the signing to the shipping address you provided.

If you are near one of our retail stores, you can choose to drop off your item at any of our 3 retail locations and you will be notified when it is available for pickup after the signing.